I’ve been told I have to start a blog of the letters I have been writing to David Cameron recently, so like a good girl I got on with it.  I am a 33 year old mother of two who suffers from moderate/severe CFS and severe depression with intermittent ideation.  I have been on Incapacity Benefit for most of a decade.  How’s that for a frank and honest introduction?

I have been known to write the odd scathing letter, mainly for friends who need help with housing or Tax Credits claims, but more recently to our beloved PM, David Cameron.  I do this with the support and inspiration of Keith Ordinary Guy, without whom none of these letters would exist.  I do this for the ordinary people who are suffering and dying at the hands of Cameron and his cronies.  I do this for the tabloid readers who are so incited to hate by propaganda and sensationalism that they would rather see a benefits scrounger on the streets than let them have even a penny of their hard-earned tax.  We really are all in this together, my friends, but not the way that Cameron would have you believe.

My thanks and gratitude to Jim Dunn and Sonjia Galloway for kicking me up the arse and making me start this blog.  I hope I will stay strong enough to continue it.  With support, perhaps I will.


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  2. Like the rants, but they should be directed at Ian Duncan Smith the architect of this benefit reform, more should be made of his motto ‘make work pay’ which sounds like ‘work makes you free’ or in German ‘Arbeit mach frei’ which was above the gates of a lot of concentration camps, round everybody up and if that doesn’t work put them on the Liverpool pathway.

  3. I was a bit short in my post, I’m behind what you’re saying and am disgusted with this government and the way it is treating people, we are paying for the faults of bankers and nobody can tell me different, they and the politicians, I would now say of ALL parties are all saving their own asses and don’t care about ordinary people who are considered expendable, we now have a very bad stae of affairs in this country where I don’t trust any member of any party they are all corrupt or corruptable. Best to you Katy B

    • Thank you, Brian. 🙂 If I could I would write to each and every one of them on a daily basis. At least by writing to Dave I can mention all of his buddies whenever I need to. 🙂

  4. Only just started reading and I am already enthralled. Well done on starting this blog. I am going to work my way through it carefully as due to being a tad “manic” just now, I tend to get a little confused and muddled up.

    Love your frank, honest introduction! I am a single mother with bipolar and a BA in Business and Law. Do I want to work? Hell yeh! Would any employer actually employee me? Hell no!!! Why, because I cannot guarantee that I could work 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. Cripes, I could not even guarantee that I could work part-time Monday to Friday. Knowing the law, as I do, you only gain rights after 12 months of employment.

    I see a psychiatrist once per week. My GP once per week as there is a chance I may “self medicate” which would not be good but hey, does good old Dave and IDS care about that? Do they heck. I would just be yet another “statistic” and my darling kids would have the danger of losing their mum who loves them dearly!

  5. I found you via FB, after your link to your letters page there kept directing me back to my own page! FB in cahoots with GB Gov? anyhow, thank you for making me smile. Life can be pretty bloody grim at times and you have cheered me up no end. I love your style.

    I am a long term sufferer of ME or as they like to water it down in the UK CFS, but then you clearly know all about that. I also have Diabetes, COPD, and various other little niggling complaints that prevent me working. I live in fear, like most of us, of the brown envelope of doom. I live for the day that the British Public will wake up to this shower of sh*te and vote them out, but 2015 is a long way off and who knows where most of us will be by then.

    I recently moved my shirker, idle backside out of my home of 54 years into a pokey little bungalow because I couldn’t afford the bedroom tax and got while the getting was good. Now I can’t afford to heat the bungalow because the boiler is older than the one in my original home and despite it being less than half the size, it’s costing me twice as much to heat. But hey ho, onwards and upwards.

    Keep up the good work.

    • That is utterly disgraceful Lin and yet another reason why this bedroom tax is a complete atrocity. I’m very sorry to hear that your new place is so expensive to heat, and I hope that you are managing to stay warm through this horrible weather. xx

    • I found you Lin! Oh, you’re an ME sister too. It’s a horrible, horrible disease isn’t it? And you have so many other things to worry about too. You are a very brave soul.

      Are you keeping warm? I’m so sorry about your rubbish boiler. My house is cold too so I spend most of my time in a hat and coat even when I’m indoors. My bedroom is so drafty that sometimes bits of paper waft around the room! I do so hate this weather. 😦 xxxx

      • Me too Katy, I look like a bag lady in my own front room! I dread the door knocking because it’s embarassing answering the door in several layers of scruffy cardi, a long skit with my jammy bottoms poking out of the bottom, but it’s better than being cold. I feel really sorry for my little pooch, her coat feels so cold a lot of the time so I bought her a lightweight version of her outdoor coat and when she feels too chilly I pop it on her indoors. It has confused her no end cos she thinks ‘lil coat’ means walkies!

        Thanks for your words of support, and thank you for the eternal bright spot in a quite often dark day!

        Hugs Sis

        Lin xx

  6. you have made my day, spluttered my coffee down my clean vest at some of your letters. would love to see IBS and camerons faces if they ever read your letters. keep it going lady. should be more like you.

  7. I dont really agree with your political stance (sorry!) but I stumbled upon your blog and I love the way you write- its extremely funny and very intelligent- just thought I’d leave a message to say thanks for the amusement- I particularly enjoyed the letter about Cameron on the beach- I was there at the time by coincidence and he did look comical! xx

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