11th April 2014



My angel,

I’m so glad you’ve finally let on about your divine heritage. People should know that when they have to go without it’s for the good of society and it is what God wants.

For example, when a mother of a two-year-old chid has to go without food because she’s ineligible for the new Personal Independence Payment benefit (despite having to undergo chemotherapy for bowel cancer) because she can still walk over 20 metres, she can feel comforted by the knowledge that God would want this. Or when a 58 year old man with a long-term medical condition kills himself because his rent is taken away and benefits stopped just before Christmas, his family can feel warmed with the knowledge that with the extra money saved a vital MP can have his or her mortgage interest paid on their second home, as God would have wanted, of course.

How good and humble of you to give the credit for the Big Society to God. Although we both know that it was 99% yours really. He may have come up with the original concept but you were the one that really put it into practise by giving people the impetus to help each other – by taking away their sustenance in the first place. Jesus fed five thousand people with a couple of fish and a few loaves of bread – you have just taken that concept further by allowing them the opportunity to try it out for themselves!

How utterly divine.


Katy Anchant


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