21st September 2015

21st September 2015
My darling hog roast,

I do hope that you are staying away from prying eyes today and definitely aren’t looking at the piggate / Hameron hashtags on Twitter.

I totally agree with your friends who said that everyone does stuff like that when they’re young. I spent years wondering why the Tesco Value chicken fillets I was using in my bra didn’t give me quite the silhouette I was after. Maybe you’d just been misinformed about good head? Or was it some commoner who told you that ‘spit roasting’ actually related to pigs? I do have to say though, darling, what were you thinking? Do I now need to be tested for swine flu? I mean, it’s not that I’m against hamosexuality. Kermit is totally into that and everyone still loves HIM, but from what I can gather you may not have used protection with that particular babe and I can’t help but be concerned.

What with that and this alleged ‘dope smoking group’ it seems to have been a very joint-related day for you. Not really taking into consideration your noble brow and political prowess, people just seem to be scoffing and snorting with laughter. I think it’s simply beastly of them and I do hope they simmer down with their ham-fisted jibes. I do hope the humour of your nickname ‘Gammon Face’ hasn’t escaped you. If you can’t laugh at a time like this, when can you?

Anyway, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to feeling a little hurt, but you know I still love you nonetheless. Hopefully in future you won’t be such a silly sausage. Let’s put this unfortunate incident behind us – I’m hoping that it’s a bunch of porkies anyway – and get things bacon track.

Love always, my little piglet.

Katy Anchant


3rd April 2014



Osborne best man’s hedge fund made £36m profit on Royal Mail


Good morning, sweetie-pie,

Thank goodness no-one seems to be kicking up much of a fuss about your Culture Secretary, Maria Miller being asked to pay back £5,800 in expenses after over-claiming for mortgage interest on her second home in which she used to house her parents. 

I say it’s a good thing that not such a hoo ha was made because many MPs use their second home allowance in this way even though originally the main purpose of the expense was to give MPs a base closer to Whitehall. Some might say that if they’re able to house parents, or friends or other family, it could be argued that these second homes constitute “spare rooms”. But then again, the “something for nothing” culture can’t be used to describe anything like free mortgage interest payments, tax loopholes  or profiting from the sale of public assets. No, it really is just for the poor people. I mean it’s not like they work even half as hard as your MPs.

It’s also a good thing because it would draw attention to the fact that both Mrs Miller’s parents are disabled and that might highlight the recent MPs report made that said the disabled are being hit disproportionately by the “bedroom tax”. About 60 – 70% of households affected contain a disabled person and this was not the purpose of the tax and has made them unintended targets. Well, there’s an easy solution. Get one of your offspring into Government and you’ll never have to pay a day’s rent ever again. Simples.

And my goodness, that Ed Milliband is a twunt, isn’t he? Calling you a dunce? And just because you sold Royal Mail for two thirds less than you could have. But “dunce”? That’s just not on.  Two thirds of the shares from the sale of Royal Mail went to your pals’ City firms who have made an absolute killing, including Giddy’s best man whose hedge fund made £36 million. A “dunce”? Really? You’ve made a lot of friends very, very rich and you’ve secured your own future on the Board of whatever company you wish once you’re out of politics. (Incidentally, it was a great comeback calling Milliband a “muppet”. Give Ed a mop of ginger hair and he’d be the spit of Beaker.) 

Enjoy the sunny day, my lovely man.


Katy Anchant

20th June 2013


20th June 2013

My favourite, tireless, upstanding Member,

Oh dear, American presidents really do have a way of putting a foot in it don’t they? Among other gaffes, Obama went and called George Osborne, Jeffrey, confusing his name with that of a 65-year old black singer. And he did it three times! It’s not hugely surprising to be honest. It’s not like George is the most memorable of characters, though he is a far more important figure than people really give him credit for. For instance, his austerity programme, originally intended to be short-lived, (the plan was intended to have growth back up to pre-recession levels by the end of this year) has been extended twice already. The leading think tanks are now predicting that the measures would have to last up to and well beyond 2020 to reach its original aims. One highly respected and Nobel-prize winning economist, Paul Krugman, has said the measures are based on “a delusional misreading of basic economics.” Also George’s Right to Buy scheme that is now artificially inflating house prices is causing another bubble which is setting things up for another crash, so by the time George manages to get us to a sustainable level again he may well be the age of Jeffrey.

But you and I know, of course that growing the economy isn’t necessarily the aim of austerity. Austerity is a far more effective tool in population control. It’s being used right now across Europe and North America to devastating effect, causing soaring suicide rates, rising HIV infections and even a malaria outbreak. Austerity is the default position of almost every major western government in times of recession, and not because it works economically, but because they know the cycle of growth will repeat anyway so they may as well make some money and lose some of the bottom feeders at the same time.

I also heard about what Obama said about you and Nick and I think it’s utterly outrageous. He called Nick Clegg the better looking half of the coalition! How preposterous. How dare he still call it a coalition?

Of course, the good looking thing is also obviously wrong, but I did warn you darling, about all those extra lunches. I’m afraid to say that perhaps more than a few people might agree with what the President said, though I wouldn’t worry. If that is the case, then it means that Nick is doing his job. Every leader needs someone pretty to look at and to do public events and televised radio broadcasts while they get on with the important stuff. Obama has Michelle – you have Nick.

I am sure those economists haven’t the first clue though. After all, they didn’t all get to go to Eton. I’m sure by 2020 the UK will be flying past the gate in the global race on the wings of George. I have faith.

Katy Anchant

11th April 2014



My angel,

I’m so glad you’ve finally let on about your divine heritage. People should know that when they have to go without it’s for the good of society and it is what God wants.

For example, when a mother of a two-year-old chid has to go without food because she’s ineligible for the new Personal Independence Payment benefit (despite having to undergo chemotherapy for bowel cancer) because she can still walk over 20 metres, she can feel comforted by the knowledge that God would want this. Or when a 58 year old man with a long-term medical condition kills himself because his rent is taken away and benefits stopped just before Christmas, his family can feel warmed with the knowledge that with the extra money saved a vital MP can have his or her mortgage interest paid on their second home, as God would have wanted, of course.

How good and humble of you to give the credit for the Big Society to God. Although we both know that it was 99% yours really. He may have come up with the original concept but you were the one that really put it into practise by giving people the impetus to help each other – by taking away their sustenance in the first place. Jesus fed five thousand people with a couple of fish and a few loaves of bread – you have just taken that concept further by allowing them the opportunity to try it out for themselves!

How utterly divine.


Katy Anchant