28th July 2014

My champion,

It is with guilt that I write to you today. You see, I was one of the millions that took to the streets when your hero, Tony Blair, went to war in our name and little old me, not knowing any better, held up a placard in a vast sea of people holding up similar placards opposing a war that we all knew was wrong. But now we know, after you have shown ‘staunch support’ for Israel’s blockade and indiscriminate bombing of the people of Gaza, after the UK government abstained in a UN vote to give them more recognition, and after the BBC has reported that the UK economy is now back at pre-crisis levels, that war is in fact great for the economy. If only I had known, my love. Can you ever forgive me?

Apparently, according to government figures, Britain’s arms sales to Israel total almost £8 billion. You could probably buy a small country for that much. My guess is that would’ve almost certainly pushed us over the edge in terms of getting the economy back on track. OK, so it has meant a few thousand dead men, women and children, but look what it’s done to the headlines. You can’t argue with that.
Of course, the fact that Britain may now be a frontrunner in Europe in terms of economic growth may probably not be enough to convince the uninformed plebs of this country, who have seen their disposable income shrink year after year. A recent survey found one in four have £50 left after paying their bills, while one in eleven have just £10 left to spend. When people had adequate tax credits to fall back on, or didn’t have jobcentre workers under orders to get people sanctioned, there would probably not be such a fuss. But when another former British soldier dies after having all their money taken away because they miss an appointment, it is quite hard to escape the negative press. But people need to see the bigger picture. Essentially, he was a soldier who died for the good of the country, and the sanctions, the cutbacks, the Bedroom Tax, have all resulted in deaths that have made proud martyred soldiers of thousands more.

It does seem that IDS’s army training may have had some bearing on his later career after all.

Keep up the good work, my beloved.

Katy Anchant



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