7th July 2014


7th July 2014

My darling chocolate finger,

Buggery. Just when you thought you were absolutely infallible, along comes a ruling that says your retrospective laws over the back-to-work scheme were a bit iffy. I very much enjoyed the Daily Mail’s take on it – that ‘taxpayers’ face paying £130m to people who refused to work for free. I mean, this is of course technically true, but don’t you think it might be time to start some hate going on for old people?

I mean, think about it. Disability hate crime is up, and if you’re a ‘scrounger’ then lots of people who are working hard and getting on actually want you dead, but it’s the elderly who cost the most money. After all, a person earning £25,200 pays £5,702.12 in tax and national insurance, and would you believe that only £56.74 of that goes on unemployment? I mean, I suck at maths, but isn’t that around a penny in every pound? If people actually find that out they might stop being so cross about those who can’t find a job, but if you pointed out to them that they were spending £800 on pensions, well, we could get elderly hate crime up significantly too, and that would be smashing.

I don’t know about you darling but I just adore a country that’s full of hate for fellow man rather than for the corporations who pay so badly and use workfare, and the other corporations who just don’t pay enough tax. I say keep it going in whatever way you can. It keeps the heat off you and IDS, after all.

Katy Anchant


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