24th June 2014

I really must apologise once again for my lack of correspondence recently. Although I must say, you seem to have done really well despite my absence. You’ve somehow managed to get Millibrain to tank his own popularity by posing with The Sun (the delightfully stupid twunt); you’ve somehow managed to get Labour to stand behind almost every major Tory idea, like cutting benefits for young people, like continuing the epic failure of Universal Credit, like vowing to continue the indiscriminate sledgehammer policy of austerity; as well as getting the BBC to report (or not report) anything you want it (or don’t want it) to. A pretty good week’s work if you ask me. Well done you.

As for the BBC, I don’t know how you did it. About 50,000 people gathering just outside their front door and not one reporter thought there might be a story there? I guess there either aren’t that many windows at the Beeb, or I guess they just thought the ice cream van had just arrived – although if it had been an ice cream van, THAT would’ve probably have made the news. The fact that Hull City’s football manager might like to lead the next England team or the fact that you were unable to get full mobile signal coverage while you were on holiday in Cornwall, ended up on the news at the weekend, but the fact that an absolutely massive group of people with cross-cultural, cross-party, cross-dressing support marched all the way from the BBC, through central London, to the Houses of Parliament in defiance of government policies was obviously not important enough for anybody to know. Although, I’m not criticising. I do get how it’s far more important to keep telling people how the NHS is failing, how schools are failing, how little money this country has left, and how poor people and foreigners are to blame for it.

I do think though that during the next march, which might be the biggest this country has ever seen, you ought to get the Beeb to have at least one reporter there even if the headline reads ‘Benefit fraudster caught walking more than 50 metres.’

Happy to help, my love.


Katy Anchant



One thought on “24th June 2014

  1. Very good! Love the last bit about benefit fraudsters walking more than 50 metres – I can honestly see that happening!

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