24th April 2014


My morning muffin,

As is my wont most mornings (after I’ve dealt with certain people’s persistent habit of piling things in the sink) I like to see how you are, my darling. And there’s nothing I like better than to start my day with you on my lap while I Google.

Sigh. So everyone’s still on about the whole religious thing I see. Now Clegg wants a separation of church and state? Apparently, you immediately rejected that idea, which of course you should have. I mean, with an election coming up, how can he expect people to make such an utterly fundamental shift in attitude? The idea is just radical. A separation? For example, the constitution that founded the United States has a separation more or less written into it, but it’s quite a modern idea. It’s only, what, about 200 years old? It’s not like people have become used to that idea yet.

You are so right though, my love, in wanting more involvement of religion in the running of our country. After all, it works so well in the Middle East. I hear Iran and Afghanistan are flourishing. I think they must be doing quite well over there. I mean, I can’t remember the last time I walked into a shop and could only find Iranian bread, or been offered to have my floorboards stripped by an Afghan builder. No, they’re quite content with their lot.

Personally, I grew up with very strong beliefs, though I must admit that these days, like you’ve said about your own faith, it does have a tendency to “come and go”. But some of my nearest and dearest are Christians and they are truly wonderful people.

Where this country is concerned, Christianity has brought with it so many wonderful things that without it, we would have no concept of whatsoever, things straight from the mouth of Jesus Himself that I know you and your boys put into practise on a daily basis – like treating one another how we ourselves would like to be treated; like not judging others and being judge to oneself; like feeding the hungry; clothing the naked, giving to the poor, caring for the sick etc. OK, so perhaps this is not an exhaustive list and I know with some of the changes you’ve had to make to welfare (thanks to Labour *wink*) it’s meant that some of these Christian values do kind of “come and go”, but essentially, these values form the core of what you’re all about.

Though personally, you know I wouldn’t mind about the clothing thing. It’s certainly something I wouldn’t hold against you anyway.

Have a wonderful afternoon, my pea.


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