6th March 2014

Dearly beloved,

You know, one of the problems of having a dual class standing – both established middle class (thanks to giant mortgage and listening to jazz) and disabled pleb – is that I have lots of pleb friends.  I was visited by one just the other day who is in a horrible predicament of having absolutely no money.  She’s a highly qualified care worker who specialises in dementia, but because she’s a pleb and doesn’t know how to wrap cheese up, she barely has two pennies to rub together.  Of course, for all of her educational accomplishment, she earns the princely sum of £7.10 an hour so actually brings home under a grand a month.  She clearly needs a good sit down with IDS who could explain to her that it’s easy to live on £7.57 a day if you have to, and then she’d have loads and loads of disposable income.

I must admit I was a little shocked by her hourly wage, but I must make it absolutely clear that I do not believe she should receive a ‘living wage’ – the very idea is preposterous.  The care home she works in is owned by a couple who own seven or eight care homes, and charge residents £4,000 a month to live there.  The home in which my friend works houses 53, which means they couldn’t possibly afford to up her wage even if they wanted to.

Anyway, I advised her to try to get a job with OH Assist, perhaps assessing people with spinal injuries as a speciality

Katy Anchant


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