11th January 2014


11th January 2014

Apple of my eye,

How utterly inspired! In the wake of Georgie wanting to cut more spending, there are now talks of denying people who are not of benefit to society any new drugs! There are fears that this may mean the elderly are denied treatment, but I simply cannot see why that is a problem. Okay, so Auntie Doris paid taxes for 50 years, but she’s not paying them NOW, is she? If she gets a leg ulcer she should of course be sent home with a tube of Germolene and a wire brush instead of any newly developed treatments.

I wonder, would this also be rolled out to disabled or mentally ill folk who are also not of ‘benefit to society’? I mean, that wheelchair bound cancer sufferer who’s too unwell to work might be a beacon of positivity in their local community and much loved and respected, but they don’t pay any taxes, do they? Not like our beloved bankers do. I’m SO glad you are still fighting to get them the uncapped bonuses they so clearly deserve.

Honestly darling, I’m starting to think the country is going completely mad and you and your friends are the only ones trying to stop this runaway train of public spending. I think it is completely fair for you to start a cull on non-profit-making individuals. After all, these leftie scum are almost always poor with their humanitarian attitudes and bleeding hearts and consideration for life instead of money. Bring back fox hunting and mount the badger heads on the walls of Parliament, just like the old days.

Fancy a game of Twister? I’m very bendy.

Katy Anchant


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