9th October 2013

http://www.redpepper.org.uk/mythbuster-health-warning/ http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/why-jeremy-hunt-as-health-secretary-is-such-a-sick-1306533

Determined Dave,

Once again, I must apologise. I do hate those days where I’m just not well enough to put finger to keyboard and tell you how amazing you are, but I know you know that already and I know you’ve also been quite busy yourself, what with all your reshuffling. I like a good shuffle myself from time to time.

I must admit, I haven’t really kept up to date with your comings and goings but I assume they would be consistent with the traditional Tory pattern of appointing positions based on how reliable that person would be at toeing the party line and not be too concerned with something as trivial as their suitability for the role – such as George Osborne in charge of our finances despite the lack of all relevant knowledge, skills or qualifications; or Iain-Duncan Smith in charge of welfare despite not suffering a day’s hardship in his life, and being crippled (or ‘unburdened’, depending on how you see it) with a completely sociopathic lack of empathy, or Jeremy Hunt in charge of the NHS, a man who once recommended the whole thing be denationalised and farmed out to private insurers. (Incidentally, the man also once blamed the Hillsborough disaster on hooligans, and also once suggested we include a celebration of Britain’s World War II achievements in the opening of the Olympic games. Not the brightest spark, eh).

One of the reasons I’ve remained so unwell, my darling, (and I’m not about to start moaning because I know you had absolutely nothing to do with it) is that the funding needed for the treatment I require has been deemed just not worth it for someone like me; I’ve been rejected twice. It can make one a little bitter. But it did make me feel a little better when I read that it’s the same everywhere. With a tenth of all surgeries now being run by private firms; with operations being sanctioned or withdrawn – like hip replacements so people can walk and cataracts operations so people can see; with one in eight referrals being rejected altogether; and with an attempt at saving £20 billion in NHS costs well underway, it’s hardly surprising that helping people takes a lower priority.

I can see what that terrific Hunt is doing. He’s moving the UK to a more US way of doing things. Although, in a recent Bloomberg study, the Unites States ranked just 46th in terms of health care efficiency, behind China, Algeria and Iran, it ranked an amazing number two in health care cost per person. This means more money for big business, which we all know now, after your fantastic speech, means a better Britain. Whether it’s about welfare reform or health costs, it is, ultimately, all about survival of the fittest (or the richest) and I justwant to tell you I understand.

But I do feel I have more to contribute to society and if by some miracle I do get better, I will pledge myself to education and training so when I know all there is to know about, say the short selling of financial instruments, or the redirecting of taxes, I ought to be more than fully qualified for a position in the Conservative government should one be available next time you decide to do a ‘shuffle’.

Always yours,

Katy Anchant


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