28th August 2013

Glorious Dave,

I must again apologise for the gaps in my letter writing. I am indeed on the mend but ME can be a little unpredictable. But I really can’t complain. Although I suffer from an incurable and frustrating illness, some of my friends do suffer worse conditions and to be honest, I’m getting a bit fed up constantly hearing about it!

I try to be a good friend but it really is tiresome sometimes to hear time and time again that despite their progressive illnesses like cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s or rheumatoid arthritis, (the very conditions that forced them out of work in the first place) they’ve been told that they’ll recover enough to find work. In fact, around 40% of claimants with incurable and progressive conditions have been found fit for work in the last three years. And are they grateful for this wonderful news? No. But they should be! You see, illness is just a state of mind.

The DWP’s stance is that if you put yourself to work and think positively, miraculous things can happen. This is why I am determined to keep up my correspondence and show you my support. I hope that by by mere association with you, I will one day fully recover and take my place among all the strivers who want to work hard and get on.

Unfortunately, the miracle doesn’t always happen, and despite assurances from such champions of positivity like Atos (whose boss is on £44k a week), the stubborn beggars continue to stay sick, which is why about 50% of them have had to turn to high-rate credit cards and payday lenders for essentials such as food and clothing. What better way to transfer money from those that don’t deserve it to the ones that do – the financial institutions of this great country. In fact, with new laws that you brought into effect in May, you’ve now made it easier for creditors to get charging orders to force the sale of a debtor’s house for debts as little as £1,000. Although most will probably not end up having to actually sell their homes as many of them actually end up dead within a few weeks of losing their benefit.

Well, at least it means my inbox gets a little more manageable. See, I do appreciate how you’re always looking out for me.

Katy Anchant


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