13th August 2013

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-23662583 http://keeptapwatersafe.org/global-bans-on-fracking/ http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/green-living/government-backtracks-on-fracking-7768853.html http://anotherangryvoice.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/fracking-tories-osborne-howell-browne.html

My champion fracker,

I’m so glad to see you’ve taken the reins of the whole fracking thing, urging the people to get behind it, promising them injections of cash for their communities, lower bills and more jobs. I suppose it’s just a shame that there’s so much evidence out there that contradicts the idyllic picture of this wealth of natural resources actually creating wealth for ordinary residents too, with experts from right across the political spectrum agreeing that it won’t lead to lower bills at all, added to the fact that throughout history, practically the only people who truly benefit in any sustainable manner from resource extraction are those who own the drills.

Although fracking is a fairly new topic of conversation for the BBC, it’s been a hot topic in the rest of the world for a while now. I suppose it’s a good job that so many people don’t bother with the news these days – what with so many of them having to deal with bigger issues, like how they’re going to feed themselves – because if they did, they’d know that in the last two years many, many countries have issued bans on fracking – France, Bulgaria, Romania, South Africa, Germany, Czech Republic, Australia, in fact, almost everywhere fracking has been used, it’s also been banned. Even the UK government, (that’s you, my darling) only last May, rejected shale gas technology, conceding “it will do little to cut bills or keep the lights on”. But now, all of a sudden, it’s a good idea?. Did Gideon’s father-in-law, Lord Howell – lobbyist for the fossil fuel industry – have something to do with this? I can just imagine poor Giddy getting a good ‘talking to’ in his chambers. I suppose it also doesn’t help that Lord Browne, former chairman of BP, has also got many vested interests in fracking; along with Ian Taylor, a major Tory party donor and Chief Executive of Vitol; also Tory peer Sarah Hogg on the board of British Gas; and even your now infamous adviser Lynton Crosby who also works for a shale gas company, may all have had a hand in the whole fracking boom.

I think the only way to drive your message home is tell people how much richer their lives would be if they would just allow some good old fracking into their communities. Apart from blasting contaminated water deep into the ground with virtually no plan for what happens to the vast bulk of it afterwards, fracking is safe. Everyone should know it. It’s just the superstitious rest-of-the-world that has a problem with it. I love how you worded it, “International evidence shows there is no reason why the process should cause contamination of water supplies or other environmental damage, if properly regulated.”

You’re right of course, absolutely no reason why it should happen. So, of course that means it doesn’t happen. Right?

Katy Anchant


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