6th August 2013


Hello flower!

It was with a troubled heart that I read about the problems IDS and the folk at the DWP are having with Universal Credit. I do understand that you want people to “work hard and get on” but it’s been revealed in The Guardian (they just let anyone write stuff online these days – better hurry up with those internet filters) that the argument that Universal Credit will make work pay is one giant, big fat pork pie!

According to a recent analysis, Universal Credit (when eventually rolled out) will be much harsher on workers than the current system. Because of the steep rate in which benefits are withdrawn from people who do manage to find more work, families who work full-time will find themselves with less money than if they work part-time! The report revealed that if a single parent with two children works a day and a half on minimum wage, she takes home, with the credit, £268. But if she decides to work three days a week, she only earns £6 more. If she goes full-time, she’s even worse off, with £2 less! Additionally, if one parent is working a full-time job on say £346 per week minimum wage, if the other gets a full-time job, their income only goes up by £29. It not only makes the whole reasoning behind Universal Credit a lie, it does the absolute opposite in terms of trying to create an incentive for people to find work.

I can only guess that the idea is to create a system in which 100% of the population are working at least two hours a week, which would bring the unemployment figures down to zero, which would make you look great for the next election! It’s a fine idea, darling, but might I suggest Fructis Nutri-Repair Fortify and Shine Shampoo. It’ll do wonders for you and it won’t destroy people’s lives. Just a thought.

Katy Anchant


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