5th August 2013


My little sugar lump,
First of all, let me apologise for being a touch absent recently. My health has not been at its best and the summer holidays also do bring with it all sorts of family commitments. All I can say is I’m sorry, but I do hope this letter finds you well.
I have also been trying to cope with an unusual spike in the number of people who need my help after having their benefits stopped because the DWP have “not received the relevant forms by the required deadline.” Case after case I’m hearing the same thing. They post it in plenty of time but the form is never received. I can see why you’re selling off Royal Mail. They obviously aren’t doing their job probably at all what with all these forms going missing, don’t you think? And I hear that postal workers are actually planning on going on strike so they can fight for their right to continue this level of incompetence! It’s no wonder that the boss has been asked to pay back £120,000 that she claimed towards the purchase of a new home. I do think it’s a bit of a stiff penalty though, especially seeing as she only earned £1.47m in the last twelve months. That’s hardly going to get you far, especially if you’re house-hunting and don’t want to live in the scummy end of town.
Back in March, the mother of a child born with spina bifida which doctors failed to detect, was asked to pay back £350,000 of the compensation she was awarded, because they say her child died too early; at the age of six instead of the predicted age of ten. Of course, she may have to pay it back at £10 per week seeing as all the money’s already been spent on adapting their home for her son’s full-time care as well as the cost of the care itself, but it’s only too right. Back then, that money could’ve gone to far more worthy causes; like the expenses for Giddy’s paddock; or the interest payments on MP’s second homes; or can now go towards the proposed £10,000+ MP pay rise or perhaps towards the daily allowance of £300 that gets given to the ever-growing numbers of peers at the House of Lords (almost 800 now, the majority of which have bought their way in through party contributions), for just showing up at work. Besides, that woman’s house is at least one bedroom too big now anyway.
I’m so glad you’re doing so much to curb the sense of entitlement so many seem to have in this country. Keep up the good work, my love.

Katy Anchant


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