30th July 2013


30th July 2013

Delicate Dave,

You must congratulate IDS for me. I just heard, the High Court ruling just came in. The ‘bedroom tax’ doesn’t breach Equality or Human Rights by disproportionately penalising disabled people. Yay. State handouts aren’t quite a human right just yet, eh Mr Balls? Maybe you don’t have to abolish the Human Rights Act after all, my love.

What a wonderful world we live in that you can pass a law that causes a proportion of people’s subsistence to be handed back to the state by deeming that they or their disabled child are using one room too many, regardless of their circumstances; you can introduce a levy that causes a massive rise in arrears and evictions; you can make cuts that force a massive increase in the number of families applying for extra help in the form of discretionary housing payments (more than 25,000 in one month alone) and leaves at least half a million people relying on food banks, you can make changes that overwhelmingly and disproportionately impact the living standards of the poor while doubling the number of £100,000 jobs in government and lowering tax for the highest earners (who already know full well how to dodge paying it in the first place); you can strip away necessities that you now deem too expensive, like legal aid, hip replacements and hospital A&E departments; you can suddenly make people pay for employment tribunals and appeals that they can’t afford if they happen to be treated badly by an employer; you can make sweeping changes that plunge hundreds of thousands of people into poverty, leaving them unable to support themselves or their families, leading to more young men dying each day as a result of suicide than by road accidents, HIV and assaults combined! What a wonderful world indeed.

It’s a cull and it’s completely legal. You and IDS and your boys at the DWP can do these things because there is no law that says “you can’t be an evil bastard”. And thank goodness for that because I fear if that were the case, the House of Commons would probably have to be locked up and the key thrown away.

But I’m really not calling you ‘evil’, darling. I do realise that in times of scarcity, one needs to prioritise. For instance, if it came down to it, if you had to choose between feeding the fish or feeding the cat, you would have to feed the cat. Or better still, feed the fish to the cat! I do understand. And I know that in your heart, you’re a good, kind man, capable of great compassion and empathy, albeit limited to the people on or around your payscale. But it’s a start, my love.

Katy Anchant


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