19th July 2013


My fave Dave,

People still haven’t stopped talking about the U-turn you made on plain tobacco packaging and the possible link with your campaign adviser. And now Ed wants to see some sort of internal inquiry. When asked in PM’s Questions if you actually talked to your mate about the decision on the change, you didn’t deny that you had conversed on the subject. But of course that doesn’t amount to ‘lobbying’, you just had a chat. Nothing wrong with that. Of course, he is just trying to deflect your recent jibes about all of his union lobbyist links. Just because unions represent at its heart, the interests of ordinary working people and not big businesses, it’s still lobbying, so he’s a fine one to talk.

In all honesty, though, the fact that every decision made in government is led by corporate or monetary interests is a plain and accepted truth. In just the last few weeks, many heretofore, debated and controversial decisions have been seamlessly passed or overturned in favour of the lobbyists of big business; tobacco packaging, alcohol pricing, new runways, planning laws on property; and today, you announced plans to more than halve the tax rate on shale gas firms, making the UK the most generous regime for shale gas in the world. In fact, there’s not a decision made that DOESN’T result in someone making a profit. And too right. If no-one stands to financially gain, then what is the fracking point?

But it’s okay, most of this is just accepted truth and barely makes the news these days. The Guardian found 38 firms that have had 700 private meetings with ministers, yet no-one is screaming “internal inquiry”. People seem to be more interested in the fact that Nick Clegg takes his shoes off at work to keep cool.

Darling, I would like to at this point remind you that I’m still available for any small office jobs that may need doing, and I generally remove far more than my shoes to keep cool.


Katy Anchant


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