4 July 2013


My consistent companion,

What a carry on in Egypt! The army taking orders from the people? A democratically elected leader being arrested along with all his ministers? Darling, I would advise you not to piss off the army any further. After sacking so many of them and now shutting down the TA centres too, they may be getting a little tetchy. It’s no wonder you might be getting a little nervous. After all, the army are ultimately here to protect the people of this country. And they also have the guns. (It was definitely a good move exempting them from the public sector pay freeze you just declared, by the way.)

And I’m glad to see the beginnings of proper charges for use of our NHS coming to fruition. The proposals so far are just for foreigners who have less than seven years’ worth of UK tax contributions (including all foreign students), charging them a minimum rate of £200 per year, but it’s definitely a start, and won’t include those unnecessary luxury items like babies and organ transplants, for which you could charge substantially more. Apparently the cost of treating foreigners is about £30m per year. In terms of the NHS annual budget, (and I know you probably already know this) that’s equivalent to about two hours but it’s not the cost that matters. That’s not the point. As long as you continue to put forward proposals to solve problems that don’t actually exist, such as ‘health tourism’, it ought to keep people’s minds off the real life issues, like the meteoric rise of the homeless and hungry and the tearing down of their support system. But I wouldn’t worry. Not as long as the army are still on your side and as long as you don’t fully arm the police. You see, after accusations of being called a pleb by an MP causing up to 8 officers to be arrested so far, they might be getting a little tetchy too. Imagine if they accused him of using the ‘C’ word, you’d have to arrest a whole constabulary!

Of course, I know you wouldn’t mind me using the ‘C’ word with you though, darling. In the right context I mean. 😉

Katy Anchant


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