13th April 2013


13th April 2013

My little munchkin,

What ghastly goings on today! Protests left, right and centre.

But, darling, I know it’s all going to work out fine for you. And do you know why? Because today’s civil unrest will be tomorrow’s media fodder for more bashing of the “social misfit bottom feeding dregs”. When it all descends into chaos, no doubt helped along by one or two criminal elements, (and a few M&S’s and Greggs’s getting looted for sausage rolls and pasties) everyone’ll forget what all the protests were about in the first place! The protests against the spending of £20bn on nuclear weapons at the same time as the punishing cuts on the poor, and the efforts outside the millionaire houses of IDS and Lord Freud – protesting for the hundreds of thousands of people forced into poverty, the thousands that will be made homeless and the 17,000 blind people who will be forced to move out because of the “bedroom tax” – will be overshadowed by tomorrow morning’s front page pictures of the burning of dear Maggie’s effigy (including perhaps an accidental smouldering Union Flag attached to it), surrounded by a baying mob, at which point the whole thing can just be chalked up to the hate-fuelled “unemployable dross”. Yay!

It’s also pouring with rain as I type this. Let’s hope it keeps up, eh. You see, even the weather’s on your side, my Great and Powerful one.

Katy Anchant


One thought on “13th April 2013

  1. I understand Ms Merkel has presented Dave with a lovely pair of jackboots. MK1 treading on necks, for the use of.

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