9th April 2013

9th April 2013

My little spam fritter,

I know how upset you are right now, my darling, so I shan’t keep you. I did try to catch your effulgent demeanour on the BBC News website but was just greeted with Thatcher: in pictures; in quotes; in statistics; in achievements; in black and white; in plaster cast and in a field with sunflowers and Argentinians. And a damn good job too. What a great way to bury the everyday misery following another stage of the dismantling, oops sorry, I meant the ‘reform’ of the welfare system this month.

I’m not sure if it’s IDS on his “make something up” crusade again but the BBC reports the government are saying that “benefits are not being cut”. Darling, what was it I said about the cat being out of the bag? With PIP replacing DLA, HALF A MILLION people are about to lose their financial support. I think some may perceive this as “a cut?” I realise we must all do our part and according to the government website, next year, to reach the target set for the reduction of the deficit, 80% of that goal is to be achieved by cutting public spending. If it’s not a cut, then (and forgive my ignorance) what’s it for?

You’ve said it’s about targeting help to the people who need it most. I get that. Like triage in the battlefield hospital; the ones that are dying take priority over the ones who are merely bleeding – however, unlike the triage nurse, the DWP, after helping the ones that need it most, are letting the others simply carry on making a bad smell in the corridor.

Still, it’s fortunate that the street protests will likely be a minor affair considering the ones affected can barely make it 50 metres without help. What a stroke of luck.

Katy Anchant


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