8th April 2013


8th April 2013

Hi babe,

My condolences, darling. I was so so sorry to hear about the passing of dear sweet Lady Thatcher this morning. I know she was a huge source of inspiration for you, with her being your most emulated role model.

Her home town of Grantham will no doubt be doubly disappointed for not having the Baroness’s statue grace its museum. Apparently, though, at the time of its expected appearance, back in February, they not only denied claims that they’d received an offer from the House of Commons of her formerly decapitated statue, they fired the poor museum manager for the mere suggestion of it! What’s happening with people? One would think they were considering a statue of some dictator that managed to somehow cause the death of almost the entire UK manufacturing, mining and export industry! But please don’t think this is in any way a reflection of the public’s lack of affection for the Tories in general, my lovely. You’re doing a bang-up job. I just want you to know, that, God forbid, if you were to leave us in some untimely way, I would erect a statue in your image – just a mini one that I could conceal on my person. 😉

Katy Anchant


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