5th April 2013


5th April 2013

My special one,

I am continually amazed at the power that you, your boys, and the media are having on the simple minds of the impressionable peasant-folk. Just yesterday, while trying to help somebody by suggesting a benefits application, I was literally fought off by the woman who didn’t want to be a ‘scrounger’. The campaign of hate against the poor has been so spectacularly effective, my love, that they are labelling THEMSELVES scroungers. It’s been so embedded in the collective mind that even the “news” organisations don’t have to do it anymore. But, of course, they do, they’ve just really stepped up their game.

Your pal George has caused a bit of a storm by taking advantage of one of these “newspapers”. A few days ago, the front page of the Daily Mail sported a picture of Mick Philpott with 6 of his children, the ones that he managed to kill in a house fire in a scam gone wrong. The headline read “Vile Product of Welfare UK”. So now, according to the Daily Mail, the benefits system doesn’t just produce scroungers, it produces murderers as well. What a twist! The fact the man killed his kids was the fault of the welfare state. What genius! Because, of course, if he had a regular job like a caretaker (Ian Huntley – the Soham murderer), an office worker (Ian Brady, Myra Hindley – the Moors murderers), or was even smart and intelligent enough to work for the government (Ted Bundy – one of the most notorious serial killers in history), there’s no way he would have committed such acts, would he? (In truth though, profiling is rarely so black and white, as illustrated by the study that found those with criminal records are also much more likely to park in disabled bays. Giddy might find that one interesting.)

This plays so well into the new public perception you’ve managed to create that Georgie now thinks it warrants a debate on the welfare state. Do you realise what that means? It means The Daily Mail is now informing government debates! The BBC is even quoting directly from the article too! My darling, the perfect Tory-verse is just around the corner. All we need to do is find a couple of kiddy-fiddlers who also happen to be benefits claimants and we can get rid of the whole damn system. Such a shame that the latest batch of child molesters have all turned out to be rich people. Oops.

Katy Anchant


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