27th March 2013





27th March 2013

Hello Cheddar,

I can’t tell you how excited I am for you to finally see those benefits changes coming into force in just a few days – the “bedroom tax”, the cut in council tax benefit, the housing benefit cap and also, in a few days, everyone still on Incapacity Benefit will see it suddenly change to Employment and Support Allowance and they’ll most likely go into a WRAG or Work-Related Activity Group, whether they’re fit to work or not, and if they have a working partner, after 12 months they will no longer receive anything. Not a thing! After 12 months, financially, that person ceases to exist! And some lucky soul at the JobCentre is awarded an Easter egg. What a win! I mean, why should the taxpayer have to pay to feed that useless eater when someone else, who presumably loves them (poor thing), would be more than happy to go hungry to support them. It’s the big society. All your idea, my handsome genius.

The latest swathe of cuts amount to about £75.2 billion, half of which are coming from benefits and local government (whose primary function is to provide social care) but the fact that together they only make up 26.8% of central government expenditure is neither here nor there. It’s only redressing the balance. After all, the plebs have had it far too good for far too long.

Although, it’s probably a good thing you’ve rejected the idea of a ‘cumulative impact assessment’ given that it’s the ones with the severest disabilities that will be affected the most, because it really won’t make for good headlines.

But I understand what you’re doing, darling. The abolition of the Independent Living Fund (that helps 21,000 people with severe disabilities) and removal of the Incapacity Benefit and Disability Living Allowance is now effectively saying that no-one is officially disabled anymore! In one fell swoop you have made the lame to walk, you have made the blind to see. In another time and place, people would have worshipped you for that. Unfortunately, you might also have been nailed to a cross, but that is the price of immortality, my darling. 

Katy Anchant


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