18th March 2013

18th March 2013

My dearest man-fluff,

Today, more than anything else, I just really wanted to thank you. I don’t think you genuinely appreciate the difference you have made in mine and so many of my friends’ lives. I met up with many of them over the weekend, who, without you, I may never have met. And I must say they are genuinely the nicest and most wonderful people one would ever hope to come across. (Sadly, I had to put up with that horrid Keith man, who writes to you every day, like me, but doesn’t love you like I do. And I have to say, he’s just as beastly as I expected.)

This is all because of you, my angel. This is your ‘big society’ coming to fruition; people from all walks of life, uniting in the darkest of our times, with a knowing and heroic acceptance that what work has been done by previous governments to: eradicate homelessness; to end child poverty; to help the sick and disabled; to ensure our welfare; to create and protect our NHS; to make the fund that we’ve paid into our whole lives in the form of taxes pay back fairly for us in times of need; these may now all have to be sacrificed for the greater good of the bank balance of the country. 

And I know that, at the end of all this, when that balance sheet is displayed for all to see, people will finally realise the part they played in its recovery and feel a sense of pride and solidarity. Their stomachs may be empty but their hearts will be full. This is the difference that you’re making, my beloved.

You can take pride in the fact, that the next time I meet with my friends, singing songs of unity, it will all be because of you, darling. It’s all because of you. ❤

Katy Anchant


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