14th March 2013


14th March 2013

Oh my!

Screw the news, forget politics, never mind the benefit reforms, tell Theresa to take a hike – today I made the most wonderful discovery of my entire life.  Well, in fact, I discovered it two or three times, as some of my friends each contacted me individually saying: “Katy!!  Katy!!  I have the most wonderful news for you!”  And my goodness, what wonderful news it is.  “What, Katy?  Oh what did you discover, my beloved?!” I hear you ask.  Darling, did you know that Amazon are selling a life-size cardboard cut-out of you?  ❤

At £25 each I immediately ordered several of them – one for the ballroom, one for the library, one for the master guest suite, one for the duck house, one for the stables (horsemeat is sweeter when they’ve had something nice to look at, you know) and, of course, one for my boudoir.  I am going to place you by the shrine I keep to you on my dressing table, right next to the Dave mural I have covering one wall next to my bed. 

Obviously I also ordered one for my Mother, and a few spares to give to my “disabled” friends, too.  What better way to keep a stiff upper lip through the mess that Labour got us into than by gazing upon your beautiful face?  I do hope they send you out with great dispatch. I just can’t wait for you to come darling!

Katy Anchant


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