5th March 2013



5th March 2013

Hello sweet pea,

I just wanted to bring to your attention what your stalwart supporters at The Sun have been doing for your cause. Well, they took a brief break from bashing the lazy scroungers yesterday to take a fresh whack at the immigrants.

The following isn’t a prime example, merely an everyday occurrence for The Sun. Briefly, it’s a story based around a tiny Asylum Centre in Serbia; without funding, set up by a charity, with insufficient staff, minimal accommodation, holding three times as many people as it should, the inhabitants living in cramped, awful conditions, with hundreds more camped outside in the freezing cold, and more arriving by the day – many of them refugees from Syria who are fleeing a dictator intent on bombing them out of their own homes, (perhaps you heard about that) and scores of others from the destabilisation happening in several North African countries. These are mostly families – broken, homeless, hungry, sick and blah de-blah blah blah.

Well the spin on the story almost made me spit my latte all over your framed picture, my darling. I do take off my hat (or at least my Primark cagoule) to The Sun. What a pack of cards they are. They must literally be ROFLMAOing.

The story tells of a holiday camp, complete with swimming pool and giant TVs, being used as a “launch pad by illegal immigrants plotting to sneak into Britain to gain access to the NHS.”  A holiday camp! Carry On Starving. Isn’t it tremendous? It does neglect to mention that almost every country in the developed world has a universal healthcare system (excluding the US) and all EU countries are required to give medical care to asylum seekers. But why should that get in the way of another good story to make us hate the immigrants and at the same time get everyone behind the “reorganisation” of the NHS?

It’s all coming together, my love. If people hate the immigrants enough, you can blame THEM and “benefit tourism” for when you eventually link more benefits to contributions thereby cutting even more from the British plebs too. Yay. You can also blame the EU who won’t let you discriminate, damn them (hehe). 

Whatever under-the-table contributions may be going to The Sun, it’s not enough, darling. Better still, employ ME and I can definitely come up with a good yarn – perhaps how an obese Islamic Bulgarian benefit recipient masterminded the whole horsemeat racket from his taxpayer-funded 6-bed mansion in Chelsea.

See? I’m a natural. You need me, darling.

Katy Anchant


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