4th March 2013


4th March 2013

My sweet melon,

I was so worried yesterday when I read about how Theresa May was contemplating getting rid of the Human Rights Act. Now don’t get me wrong, darling, while I absolutely agree that this ill-thought out Act passed by Labour, which just imposes European law into UK law, should be utterly destroyed, I do think that if you don’t keep a lid on it, more people will find out what the Act actually does. It makes it unlawful for a public authority to act in contravention of the European Convention of Human Rights. That means that you or Duncan or anyone responsible for any trumped up “human rights violations” is prosecutable in a UK court of law and might even be put in jail if found to be guilty.

Your Theresa must’ve spotted it before anyone else, thank goodness, but now it’s out, I fear little scroungers, like that workfarer, Cait Reilly, might start making plans to lock you all up, citing the right to not be put into forced labour. What with the precedent she’s already set, and all the disgruntled plebs who’ve had sick family members die on them because of the Atos trials, it wouldn’t be a great stretch of the imagination to believe that, one day, it might be you sending me letters rather than the other way around.

Don’t you fret though, my petal. It would only make you a political prisoner which, personally, I would find quite sexy.  ❤

Katy Anchant


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