25th February 2013



25th February 2013

My little yoghurt pot,

I’m so glad you’re getting that NHS bill passed on the sly, darling. No massive headlines. No fuss. No picketing in the streets. I’m not even sure many people know about how you’ve made the offering of all NHS services on the open market mandatory. Mandatory! And that’s all down to you! Come April, all hospitals will be run for profit. Amazing. Okay, so it didn’t work so well in Stafford, but I think the media managed to make that look like another failing of the NHS rather than the failing of the cost-saving corporate culture. Honestly, darling, I don’t know how you manage it. Even though you promised the plebs a thousand times you wouldn’t, you still managed to do it, and with all the pomp of a stifled fart. Fingers crossed that nobody catches a whiff until it’s too late, eh?  Silent but deadly.  🙂

Do you know, that Green Party bird, Natalie Bennett’s speech was covered by the Beeb the other day? I suppose someone there must’ve taken my previous letter to heart and decided they ought to try and at least look impartial again. Her policies are proving slightly too popular, though, with some of my lefty friends. She’s for things like: the minimum wage being a decent living wage; setting benefits at a level that allows a decent life; the renationalisation of the railways; an end to slave labour, and putting a stop to the demonisation of the poor. Basically, she’s taken almost everything in the current Tory handbook and is advocating the exact opposite. Just to spite you I think. I’ll keep my eye on her, darling, for you. She’s also a Ms. You should never trust a Ms. Although I don’t think the Greens are the only party threatening to split future votes.  I hear Ray Hall of the Beer, Baccy and Crumpet Party is doing rather well in Eastleigh.

Thank goodness everyone is still under the illusion that the two-party system is the only way this country can work and that a vote for the person that they actually WANT is a wasted vote. They call their strategic voting “the lesser of two evils”. Not that you’re evil darling, of course, but voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil, is it not? Falling a hundred feet from a cliff or falling fifty feet from a cliff is still falling off a cliff. Thank goodness the lemmings are so easily led.

Fallen for you,

Katy Anchant


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