“Super Scroungers”

This story has irritated me so much that I have written a letter. If you are irritated too then please feel free to copy and paste/amend the following, either to their Facebook page or via email on their website. I am in a VERY bad mood with the government today and the last thing I need is idiot Channel 5 irritating me as well. I simply am not prepared to put up with this rubbish for a moment longer. 

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to express my disappointment in Channel 5 at their commissioning of a three-part series entitled “Super Scroungers”. As a reluctant claimant of benefits myself I can assure you that although you may be able to find a very small minority of people “living in the lap of luxury” on benefits these are isolated cases and are a massive misrepresentation of claimants in general.

Given the government and media’s recent demonisation of the poor I would expect far higher quality and truthful reporting from Channel 5, whose fact-based programmes I find to be generally quite informed. 

By buying into the tabloid propaganda you will not only continue to create division and mistrust among the public but in addition put people in very real danger. Since the media began this onslaught against the vulnerable, for example, are you aware that disability hate crime has increased significantly? As a great many benefit claimants also suffer from disabilities whether they be physical or mental, by continuing this “scrounging” myth you will also be putting vulnerable people at risk of discrimation by those who do not understand the benefits system or how low the fraud rate of said system is. 

To perpetuate this anger and mistrust among the “scroungers” and the “skivers” is not only in poor taste but is also deeply irresponsible.

I would urge you to scrap this planned series and look into covering an issue that is actually of relevance rather than inciting hated towards those in receipt of benefits, where the fraud rate is estimated at considerably lower than 3%.


Write to them on Facebook or on their site:




5 thoughts on ““Super Scroungers”

  1. Katy, I work for the BBC, and would say that although this may sound biased, channel 5 are very tabloid based. They are owned by northern and shell whom, publish such titles as Daily Express, Daily Star and OK! Might I also add they have some adult TV Channels such as redhot? They are not a true, impartial broadcaster and I would expect less.

    If you really do feel offended, I would suggest that you also write to Ofcom, details on their website.

    Hope this helps,


    • Yes, they’re very tabloid based! I still like to tell these people what I think of them though. 😉 And thanks, if it does get aired I will be complaining very strongly to Ofcom! xx

  2. OMG, I am so with you on this Katy. I tried to phone them, but missed their office hours by a couple of minutes, but fully intend to have my say tomorrow. I am sick to the back teeth of these constant spurious stories from the media. We who know what is really going on are struggling to convince Joe and Josephine Public of the real facts and every time we manage to persuade one of them of the truth some idiot media cretin comes along with yet more rubbish like this.

  3. “As a great many benefit claimants also suffer from disabilities ”
    A great many have disabilities but are not “suffering”

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