21st February 2013


21st February 2013

Haunter of my dreams ❤

As you know, I seek out news articles on a daily basis to catch glimpses of your luminescent countenance and words of surreal wisdom, and I was heartened to find, finally, happy news from the number crunchers.  We’ve somehow gone from the blah blah blah of a shrinking economy, huge rises in child poverty, homelessness up a third, massive redundancies and the disabled dying, to employment numbers being the highest on record! On the BBC of all places! I honestly had to pinch myself.

Of course, on slightly deeper reading, I ascertained that, overall, it meant that employment as a whole went up 0.1%, but that’s hardly a headline, is it? It also, quite fortuitously, left out the figures for people on work-related programmes (including mandatory work schemes without pay or training), especially as this group comprised over 20% of all the new jobs created in that period.

The article did actually end with the fact that the youth unemployment rate, unfortunately, went up 0.3% but hinted that that was due to a lack of work experience. Perhaps there was opportunity there for an IDS plug, but on second thought, segueing into a paragraph on workfare would’ve been a bit too obvious, I suppose. I’m so glad you have the Beeb on your side. I’ve always worried that the damn BBC was always going to be impartial due to it essentially being publicly owned, but I’m so glad my feckless friends, who have started to recently call it “British Broadcasting Cameron” or “Bye, Bye Credibility”, were right after all.

Bloody Brilliant, Cherub.

Katy Anchant


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