7th February 2013

7th February 2013

What’s good, D?

Poor Michael. I know he isn’t one of your best friends but it still doesn’t reflect well on you when his entire plan for secondary school education has to be scrapped because nobody wants it. He really hasn’t been following your lead, obviously. First, one needs to provide “evidence” that makes everyone believe the current system isn’t working, eg. statistics that suggest standards are dropping, cases of neglect, mismanagement by staff, and then throw in a scandal or two and get it all disseminated by your stooges at the BBC, and THEN you suggest scrapping the current system and replacing it. So, exactly what you’re doing with the NHS, in other words. Perhaps he should be surreptitiously removed and “replaced”.

Well, at least you still have a fully functioning “Nick Clegg” on board, manning a post at LBC radio and being your “human” shield. You had him saying he’s willing to abandon the ‘mansion tax’ in favour of a new band of council tax on millionaire properties. Nice one, seeing as you made him scrap the whole mansion tax idea when you guys first got together, and, as an MP, you can probably claim your council tax on expenses anyway. Everybody wins. “Nick” stays believable, Labour gets to continue its time-honoured strategy (and only strategy) of saying “you’re crap, you’re crap, you’re crap”, and you can be praised for letting “Nick” help you with the cooking.

Congratulations I must say again on the gay vote debate. Incidentally, it was a nice touch you saying the speeches were “very moving” and “very emotional”. It does go a way to make you look a bit more sensitive, darling, even though the Atos debate was far more emotional. Well, at least it was for the plebs. Perhaps you ought to say you were moved a little by that one too – make people think you care.  It’s a pity half your party voted against you on Tuesday. They’re obviously not in touch with the new generation of voters, not “down with the bros”. You honestly should have stood up in that debate and just shouted, “Allow it, fam. Allow it.”

Peace out,

Katy Anchant


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