24th January 2013

24th January 2013

Hi babe,

I read this morning that the IMF seems to think austerity was perhaps not such a good idea after all, and that George should “rethink”. Well, please tell Giddy from me that I think he’s doing a bang up job and not to give up, as long as he believes in what he’s doing. The fact that every respected economic expert on the planet disagrees or that austerity as a means of economic recovery has never actually worked in all of human history shouldn’t deter him.

Of course, both you and I know that austerity has nothing to do with the “deficit”, Dave. I know it’s necessary for the utopia you’re creating. If only the people understood. (Cue Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.”) You want to live in a world where people have to rely on themselves, not on each other; where the strongest and fittest survive and the unfortunate get on with it quietly without being a burden on anyone; where the tax you pay on your latest capitalist venture doesn’t go towards the £71 per week lifestyle of some out of work scrounger; a world where, if you have the money, there isn’t a queue that can’t be jumped or a rule that can’t be broken.

I believe in you darling, and keep Gideon believing, too. Together you can make the difference even bigger.  You know, I see friends shaking hands, saying how do you do.  They’re really saying “the Tories are cool”, and Dave, I think to myself:  what a wonderful world.

Katy Anchant


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