14th January 2013

14th January 2013

Oh, Dave,

I do wish that these “disabled” people would stop moaning.  If they can walk at all then of course they should get less money.  I bet most people are hamming it up at their assessments anyway.  As for the Motability cars, I am actually speechless. You don’t see me moaning about not having one, and even you and your buddies don’t get free cars.  I mean, you do get chauffeurs, but it’s not as if you’re given a car for nothing.  Oh, wait, it kind of is, but that is completely different.  There is simply no way that Simon Burns should be expected to take a train, and £80,000 a year in chauffeur expenses is a drop in the ocean compared to the outrageous something-for-nothing demands of these “disabled” folk.

Still, I’m hoping that they will be discouraged from leaving their houses at all now that 999 operators are being offered incentives not to send ambulances out.  If they just stayed home (unless they were going to workfare placements of course) then the need for transport would be completely negated, and of course if they did end up starving and freezing and in need of medical attention then that would hopefully just mean more tax-free profits for the private companies providing NHS services.  Yay!

Right, I’m off to close my curtains and watch daytime TV, then later walk the 20m to my dealer’s house so that I can get some class A drugs for me and my buddies.  Just kidding, Dave; he delivers. 

Katy Anchant


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