10th January 2013

10th January 2013

Hello treacle,

Apparently, the Independent somehow managed to get hold of some plans to allow private companies to run schools for profit if you win in the next election.  What a fantastic idea. There’s just too much regulation and accountability in the public sector if you ask me. Of course, the loony lefties are going to be resistant to privatisation, especially if it’s anything to do with their screaming little urchins, but don’t they know how much better it would be for them?

How do people still not realise that private is better than public? (OK, so perhaps G4S didn’t quite work out at the Olympics, or the debacle on the London Underground, but I’m sure people have forgotten about that, eh?) But in the same way private companies can bid for building or cleaning contracts, they’d be able to bid for schools! The ones that could do the best job for the least amount of money would get the job and, if it turns out they making a pig’s ear of it, then the kids will only have wasted a year or two of  their lives before they get passed to the army.

With about 80% of the cabinet MPs being millionaires and a larger proportion of those having commercial interests in private corporations, it’s really a no-brainer. Besides, what’s the point in trying to make ANY current public services more efficient and perform better when you could just pay someone else to do it and make some money for the lads at the same time? I mean it is what you’re doing with the prison service, post office and NHS isn’t it?  Brilliant.

I hope you manage to get it all done before the Lumpenproletariat dethrones you, as the latest polls are showing. I’m still campaigning on your behalf every day, by the way, and I’m pleased to say that the plebs who don’t come around to my way of thinking are summarily beaten with a cane by my gay butler (I’m an equal opportunities employer).

Ciao, Dave.

Katy Anchant


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