9th January 2013

9th January 2013

Clever clogs 🙂

I loved how much coverage the Parliamentary vote got yesterday.  I must say that whoever you have hired to manage your PR is an absolute genius.  Now all the focus is on people getting an extra £1 a week instead of a few extra quid.  What a brilliant way to distract from the real issues that are going on here, like the massive increase in people using foodbanks (workshy plebs), the sick and disabled people who are dying after their work capability assessments (workshy plebs) and the people who are to be affected by the Bedroom Tax (greedy plebs with too many rooms).

Looking back I can see how this hatred of claimants has been very carefully orchestrated over several years, probably starting with the poster campaign a few years ago to “crack down” on fraudulent claims.  You remember the ones, don’t you Dave?  Do you have copies of them?  They were fab. ❤

By the way, I’ve been trying to think of a way to bring this up delicately, but there’s just no way to say it without sounding a bit mean.  You know this whole new cameras thing and my suggestion to get the broadcasters to pay for lipo and hair transplants?  Well, I’m deeply worried about Iain.  The thing is that in every single photograph I see of him he looks a bit like… well… a snarling minion of Hell.  I’m deeply concerned that this will increase the risk of you becoming known as “the nasty party”, particularly considering how handsome and decent you and George look, and I’m wondering if you might pay for him to have a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon.  Perhaps a brow lift, a mouth lift, a jowl lift and some coloured contact lenses would help him look a little less like a maniacal homicidal sociopath.

Just a suggestion, Dave.

Katy Anchant


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