7th January 2013

7th January 2013

Oh poppet 😦

I’m so sorry about the Guardian poll on whether you should remain Prime Minister until 2020.  92% have said no!  What is wrong with these people, Dave?  You have done nothing but good for this country and what thanks do you get?  Bloody none by the looks of it, although I’m sure the expenses and subsidised food make you feel a tiny bit better.

Talking of food, I was reading about plans to have new cameras installed in the Commons because MPs look fat and bald on television with the existing ones.  Is this because their expenses will be sanctioned unless they do some exercise?  I certainly hope not, because I suspect that a few of the more portly chaps in Parliament would look a little… portly… from any angle.  Might I suggest that instead of broadcasters paying for new cameras (definitely not HD, Dave) that they pay for a little bit of lipo and perhaps a few hair transplants instead?

I must take this opportunity to tell you how much I personally adore your “sweepover”, by the way.  I have long said that you are the most dashing Prime Minister that our fine land has ever known, and I’m sure that even the plebs who responded to the Guardian poll wouldn’t disagree.  They just think you’re a bit mean, is all, but still incredibly handsome.


Katy Anchant


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