5th January 2013

5th January 2013

Hello gawjuss,

How exciting!  Not one, but two of my “disabled” friends yesterday received their letters telling them that they are fit for work.  Let me tell you, the shouts of glee and relief could be heard from miles away, because despite their GPs telling them that they are desperately unwell and must not work under any circumstances, ATOS have given them new hope and told them that, yay, they are absolutely fine.

Granted, one of them has been on suicide watch for about twenty years and relies heavily on her family to collect her medication daily from the chemist, since she is too high risk to have more than a couple of days’ worth in her home, but let me tell you, she is skipping to the Job Centre as I type this. How overjoyed she is to discover that after all this time her GP was wrong and there is nothing wrong with her after all.

As for my other friend, he has no legs, no arms, brain damage, ADHD, autism, borderline personality disorder, CFS, FM, clinical depression, cancer, a colostomy bag, is blind in one eye, has anger management issues and is still in hospital having just had heart surgery yesterday.  Just kidding, Dave!  He’s totally fine and is ignoring his decade’s worth of medical records and looking forward to workfare.  🙂


Katy Anchant


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