4th January 2013

4th January 2013

Oh, Wavey Davey,

Listen, don’t worry one little bit about the Independent’s article today about how you’ve been brainwashing voters.  The brainwashed voters won’t listen to sensationalistic rubbish like that when they have quality papers like the Daily Mail to back up their beliefs about the sick and the poor.  In fact, you should be congratulating yourself as what this poll proves is that the hate-mongering is working and that the public believe the myths of your spin-doctors.

Besides which, the financial crisis really was the former government’s fault.  I’m still not quite sure how they managed to cause a global recession, but I’m sure that everything going on in Greece right now must have something to do with Tony Blair and all of these bloody workshy scroungers who are bleeding us dry, spending thousands upon thousands of pounds of taxpayer money on biscuits and Moët.

Just keep reminding everybody about the “deficit” and everything will be fine, darling.

Fancy a Bourbon cream?

Katy Anchant


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