2nd January 2013

2nd January 2013

Dearest Dave,

Please accept my most humble apologies for not writing to you yesterday.  I have been struggling with my health so much recently that I’ve been having to send someone else to the post box opposite my house to post my letters to you, and yesterday a very bad migraine/attack of ME meant that I had to lie in bed with sunglasses on all day.  (I have yet to hear from ATOS regarding my next assessment and let me tell you, I’m terribly excited about it.  Since ATOS treat ME/CFS as a mental illness I’m hoping that they will tell me that I’m not disabled after all and that I’ve been making the whole thing up.)

Anyway, I’ve been catching up on the news this morning and I nearly shed a tear for poor Iain over the Universal Credit fiasco.  Is he terribly upset about it?  Please don’t fire him over it.  His on-going campaign against the poor and sick will one day show them the error of their ways, Dave, I am convinced of it.  Talking of Iain, though, do let him know that despite his many failings with his welfare proposals, Bedroom Tax is now good to go.  I have been following an online group of 5,000 hapless whingers who are facing this tax, and I’m happy to tell you that the general feeling in the group is changing from one of anger and outrage to one of despair, hopelessness, suicidal ideation and defeat.  Yay!

Mwahahah, my precious one.

Katy Anchant



2 thoughts on “2nd January 2013

  1. Dear Mr David Cameron,

    I am not a scrounger!

    I ask only for the right to live. To survive. This is surely a human right in today’s modern society that should never be taken for granted. But you are taking it for granted are you not? A number of people now have died after being declared fit to work. They have been forced into a depressive state where they are forced to seek employment yet there is less and less jobs to be had. Even I can work out if there are X amount of jobs and Y amount of people in a country then a certain number of people WILL be unemployed for at least a small period in their lives. It’s common sense Mr Cameron and the more I read lately the more I come to understand that common sense is what your government is SORELY lacking. This atrocity should have stopped after ONE death. And how many more people will you see dead before you use your power to change things? Or are you trying to filter out the members of the public that did not vote for you?

    Now, I don’t know you Mr Cameron, we have never met, and yet you’re simply not coming across as a man I could ever have any faith in. In fact I’m beginning to think maybe it would have been better for society today if Hitler had won the War and invaded us after all. I bet he could make the trains run on time too! Either way, I’d less suspect a member of his staff to claim a tax return on what I survive on for a whole fortnight for a chrome toilet roll holder for their SECOND home!

    You seem to think the people on benefits should be thankful for the pittance they have. You see nothing wrong with promoting charity work (as long as it’s not a peasants food bank of course) yet all the while we, the dole claimants are treated like scum because we have to eat, stay warm and dry and safe every two weeks on the amount of money I bet wouldn’t last you till lunchtime! I find it ironic to begin with that this money is even refereed to as a “benefit”.

    I feel a storm is coming for your reign of terror David. The general sense of your people is getting uneasy. They will not take this. You need only pick up a history book these days to hear time after time about revolutions and civil wars. Is that what you want Mr Prime Minister? To be remembered along the lines of hero Mrs Thatcher? It’s frightening how we seem to be echoing her time at No. 10. Why even today I read that there is trouble brewing in the Falklands. I bet you’re just gutted there’s no more mines to close eh?

    Oh well, nurseries shutting down is more fun anyway for you surely? I mean by the time those kids have time to work out what revolution means you’ll be long gone over a sunny warm horizon just like Tony! You might threaten to come back once and a while like he’s doing but alas even now – he’s not wanted either!

    Anyway, I digress…

    So what I am trying to get at with this blog Mr Cameron is a simple suggestion for you. Why not try and listen to the people? Help us to help you? It’s never too late to change. All we ask is the right to live. Even those who can work are struggling to survive now. The only class benefiting from your cuts is the upper classes. And every other class combined outnumbers you. People are beginning to wake up and realise they are being swindled. The time will come when they start to fight back. History always repeats itself.

    Yours angrily,

    Casee Leigh

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