27th December 2012 – Bonus Truth Letter

27th December 2012

Dear Mr Cameron,

You will never receive this letter.  Much as the oppressed can find no way to speak up to the oppressor for fear of reprimand, you will never know my true contempt for you.  The wife raped nightly by the frustrated husband, the child mistreated by the alcoholic parent – they will rarely speak out through fear, but worse, through apathy and through an inherent understanding that Things Don’t Change – untrue, perhaps, but undeniably real while you are going through it.  Through knowing that whatever they have to say will fall on deaf ears. 

For what you are doing is not just stamping out the workshy and the plebs who feel they are owed a living.  What you are doing is destroying the hope and work of generation upon generation of ordinary working folk – the folk who started out as farmers, who toiled on the land and who answered to their landlord with supplication and generosity.  The folk who lived in tiny homes and brought their children up not with the finest of food and clothing, but with the most genuine and honest of love and kindness.  These are folk who nurtured and encouraged their children to be more than they had ever been before, and in answer these children did great things.  They became nurses and civil servants, soldiers and teachers.  They worked and supported their parents through their later years, providing them with a little warmth and comfort in the winter of their lives.

These are generations of kind, decent human beings, who supported and nurtured their families in the only way that they could – with love.  You, Mr Cameron, are single-handedly destroying all of that work.  That little wealth that they had accrued, that tiny bit of pride that they felt in having done a good day’s work.  The parents whose bodies finally gave in after years of work, the worn backs, the tortured limbs, the over-worked minds, who now you treat as scroungers and liars.  The blood of the ordinary man drips from your hands, Mr Cameron, while you declare your humility.

You know no humanity, Mr Cameron.  The people who are now dying, left bereft, declared fit for work, ineligible for even the most basic of human kindness are not the scum left over from New Labour’s rule.  They are the people whose families have worked for generations, whose parents wished for more for them, whose wives and children loved them and believed in them.  You never gave them a chance to prove a thing to you.  You have pointed the finger and incited mistrust and hatred.  You have vilified and criminalised ill-health and hopelessness.  You have made it something to be hated instead of pitied. 

Can you imagine, Mr Cameron, the people who you and your party have killed?  Can you step back for even a moment and accept responsibility for all that you have done?  Generation upon generation upon generation, who ended at one poor hapless soul who was deemed not good enough to receive Housing Benefit under your rule.  Who is dead or on the street or living on a friend’s sofa with not a hope in the world as a result of your policies? 

You, David Cameron, will go to Hell. 

Katy Anchant


4 thoughts on “27th December 2012 – Bonus Truth Letter

  1. That is amazing, Katy. I’m welling up here, that was one of the most heartfelt and moving things I have ever read. Have you shared this one on FB? As many people as possible need to read this.

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