27th December 2012

                                                                                                                                                27th December 2012

Davey baby,

Bless you. I do understand the need to increase popularity among the Proles in order to stave off a humiliating defeat at the next election, but really, is adding more brown faces in the Houses of Parliament the way to do it? I do not question your sincerity, of course. I, myself have “black” friends, (where else would I get my crack from?) but I do think, what with the rise in popularity of both the BNP and the UKIP, that the general populace are leaning towards a more, shall we say, ‘less multi-cultural’ approach.

May I make a suggestion? I know, with the help of the Daily Mail and Sun etc, you already have the Proles thinking the foreigners are responsible for all of the crime and probably a lot of the benefit fraud too. I think you ought to further this notion and at the same time make yourself more popular.

How? Well, what you ought to do is hire a few darkies – give them 6-figure salaries and a generous expense account – and the first time they use that expense account to house their inconceivably large families, expose them as corrupt and fire them publicly. Voila. It gives more ammo for Theresa and her immigration block-out on married partners who earn under £18,600, and makes you look tough on corruption, too.

Laterz fam,

Katy Anchant


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