24th December 2012

24th December 2012

Hello my little Christmas reindeer,

What a damned shame about all of those plebs in bed and breakfasts.  I’m mortified to read that the number of families in B&Bs has doubled, because each of these scrounging families is probably costing the tax payer more than your friends’ second homes.  It simply shouldn’t be allowed, your buddies coming under fire for claiming rental on each other’s houses while these Untermenschen live it up in the lap of luxury, all at the expense of the tax payer.

Now, I did receive a reply from your Homelessness and Support Division regarding my suggestion to give all of the Proles tents and put them up in fields in the Home Counties – Anita was interested to hear my ideas although didn’t mention whether they would be implemented.  My other suggestion, though, would be to give people the option to avoid Bedroom Tax if they give their spare bedroom to one of these hapless families.  After all, a quarter of households are overcrowded in parts of Britain anyway, and those families seem to get on fine as they are.  It would mean that you would lose revenue from taxing the empty rooms, but it would save you a fortune in B&B fees.

What a shame I didn’t have this idea before now.  You could’ve saved tonnes of money towards the deficit by now.

Festively frolicking,

Katy Anchant


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