22nd December 2012

22nd December 2012

Hello Poppet,

How chuffed are you that the world didn’t end yesterday?  Me and my scrounger friends are utterly delighted about it, particularly because it means we can continue to read about Plebgate.  In all seriousness though, how bored are you of hearing about it?!  I for one can’t imagine how the whole incident might have affected trust between the police and MPs.  I mean, Andrew does admit swearing at them, and yes, he has quit because of it, but everybody knows that swearing at the police is perfectly reasonable and indeed encouraged, particularly on the council estates and on Downing Street.  I regularly go out, find a police officer and call him a twat, but I’m very careful not to use the “P” word.  That would be taking things a little too far.

Anyway, enough about that – I really am bored of hearing about it, but I must admit it’s an utterly wonderful way of distracting from the new halved redundancy consultation period.  I mean, it might mean that more people have to sign on, but they needn’t worry thanks to IDS and the soon-to-be-mandatory Universal Jobmatch website.  Are you at all worried that people may not apply for jobs because they cannot find one relevant to their education or experience?  I mean, I personally think that anyone made redundant should be grateful for any and all jobs they can get, but I can imagine some jumped up usability consultants or graphic designers not wanting to apply for jobs as cleaners or data entry assistants.  I’d suggest automatic Workfare placements for them, and perhaps daily floggings, just to make sure they don’t get ideas above their station.

Toodle-pip, gorgeous,

Katy Anchant


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