19th December 2012

19th December 2012

Hi Dave!

I just wanted to write today and tell you what a brilliant idea the welfare cash card is.  After all, I have long said that people on benefits have far too much money that they wantonly spend on booze, fags and gambling.  (You already know about me and my “disabled” friends and how much of our benefits we spend on narcotics.) 

Alec Shelbrooke also mentioned the something-for-nothing attitude and strivers and shirkers, and also the huge number of families who haven’t worked for three generations.  (Okay, a study has shown that there are hardly any of them, mainly in areas where there are no jobs, but don’t tell Alec or he might look silly!)  Indeed, discussing in parliament the massive majority of benefit claimants who neglect their children will go a long way in removing the stigma and hatred towards them, which of course has nothing to do with George and his “closed curtains” attitude.

Would it not be a good idea to actually give all benefits claimants an armband, German-style, to prevent them from being served any NEDD items?  I mean, there’s a small possibility that a handful of people made redundant from public sector jobs might not want to give up their Friday night beers and you know how drinkers and smokers always find a way to get their next fix.  If they were branded in some way then there would be no way for them to coerce unwitting members of the public to buy them for them.  Ooh, actually, if they were actually branded, cattle-style, you could do the same to their children too.  That way these generations upon generations of non-working plebs would get their comeuppance at last.

Is Alec alright, by the way?  He’s looking a little cuddly of late and I can only assume that may have something to do with all of the subsidised booze available to him.  I wouldn’t want him to fall victim to any of the diseases that historically only affect the Proles.  That would be terribly embarrassing.

Chin chin,

Katy Anchant


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