17th December 2012

17th December 2012

Dave, darling,

Poor George, getting moaned at yet again about soaring energy prices.  I’m frankly sick to the back teeth of it.  I mean, you know full well Dave that usually I write to you while wearing a hat, scarf, coat, two jumpers and three pairs of socks.  Why can’t these plebs who are going to be plunged into fuel poverty just put some more layers on?  Of course, I do realise that some old codgers might die from the cold this winter, but let’s be honest, pensioners are just a drain on the system and there’s going to be loads more of them according to the latest census.  Any way we can quietly help them on their way is a good thing.

Talking about energy, have you noticed how the same people whinging about energy prices are the same ones moaning about fracking?  I personally think that fracking is a brilliant idea, and what I would like to see is this happening on a local level.  These silly solar panels that I keep seeing on people’s roofs are such an eyesore – I say bring in garden fracking.  I would be delighted to have an installation in my own garden and am convinced that with enough digging a veritable cornucopia of exciting fuel sources could be tapped into.  Granted, it may cause my neighbours’ homes to shake a bit once in a while and a TV or two to fall off the wall, and who’s to say about the long term affects to the environment, but I don’t really give a stuff about that.  I personally would be fracking every morning.  You could join me, Dave.

Keep warm in your chilly office today, dearest,

Katy Anchant


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