8th December 2012

8th December 2012

Happy Saturday, Dave!

Yet again, all I can think to write to you are sweet nothings.  I get so very excited reading between the lines while visiting all of the news sites every day.  You are nothing less than an evil genius, my beloved.  For example this mansion tax thing.  I too am deeply opposed to it.  If the very rich were asked to part with even a penny their lifestyles would be impacted so deeply and I simply cannot imagine the consequences of such a tax.  Asking them to donate money to you so as to avoid the mansion tax is sheer brilliance.

I wonder if you thought of doing that with bedroom tax, though?  If you wrote to all of the scroungers and the people in lowly paid jobs who are to face this tax, asking them to part with their life savings in order to avoid the tax surely you would bring in billions upon billions of pounds.  Everybody knows that most people in receipt of housing benefit are driving sports cars and secretly sitting on a fortune, mostly in offshore bank accounts, and if you could convince them to stop using tax avoidance loopholes you would clear the “deficit” in one hit.

I did have an idea, too, Dave, based on a conversation I had with a fellow ardent supporter yesterday, and that is why not bring in a toilet tax?  I think it should apply nationwide (apart from mansion owners), and should involve a levy for any second or third toilet in the household (unless the home in question is worth over £600,000 – those should be exempt).  You could charge, say £5 per week per additional toilet.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and if you choose to go ahead with this suggestion do feel free to claim it was your own idea.

Katy Anchant


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