7th December 2012

7th December 2012


Gosh, it’s nearly Christmas! I am so very excited to read about your official Christmas card and cannot wait to receive my own. It got me thinking about my own official Christmas card, though, and I’d like to run a couple of ideas by you. Originally I was going to have a photograph of my children sweeping chimneys in a message of solidarity to the nation, but you know how some parents can get all uppity and protective about their snotty little oiks.

Ooh, allow me a moment of digression – the performance-based pay for teachers idea – bravo! It is a stroke of genius, as you and I know that the good teachers in the impoverished areas (where performance is proven to be lower) will move to the good schools in the richer areas, thus ensuring that people in poorer areas stay where they bloody well are. The children from more privileged backgrounds will finally get all of the opportunities that they are denied by these damned whinging paupers. It is an excellent plan.

Anyway! My Christmas card idea:


I was going to use a photograph of me holding a wodge of £50s, with the tagline “Come to the dark side. We’ve got benefits.” But I thought that might give the wrong message.

Let me know your thoughts!

Katy Anchant


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