6th December 2012

6th December 2012

Sweetie pie,

Firstly, congrats to George.  He’s doing such a fantastic job, and I personally think it’s brilliant that legislation will have to change to allow benefits to rise at a lower rate than inflation.  It’s just another great way to get these lazy bums off the sofa and into a career in Poundland.  Frankly I’m surprised that he is raising benefits at all, since all of these workshy scroungers are “living a life” on benefits and are laughing their way to the bank.  (Well, okay, some are “dying a death”, but we’ll let that one slide, Dave, okay?) 

Also, poor Philip Davies coming under fire for suggesting that disabled people should be able to work for less than minimum wage.  I mean, it makes perfect sense doesn’t it?  A person with one arm stacking shelves would be half as productive as a person with two arms, and should therefore be paid half that of a person with two.  It’s only logical.  He sounds like a very intelligent if misunderstood soul, and I personally find intelligence very sexy.  Do send him a kiss from me.

Must dash, Dave – just got my benefits in so am off with my “disabled” friends to buy some crack.

Katy Anchant


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