27th November 2012

27th November 2012

Hi Dave!

This Tory MP/GP, Phillip Lee, what an intuitive man!  I’ve long said that people with illnesses caused by lifestyle should be penalised.  It’s yet another example of the growing entitlement attitude which simply can’t be allowed to continue.  For example, people who develop Type II diabetes often do so because of eating unhealthily, and as you know research shows that those living in poverty are twice as susceptible.  I can see absolutely no reason why they don’t change their diets to include more salmon, quinoa, caviar and organic grains in their diet.  It’s hardly a large price to pay for a healthy body and mind.  If they swapped their frozen chip and burger diet for one which included more fresh spinach I can’t see that it would cost them more than £50-£100 a week to change their lifestyle, and everybody could afford that paltry amount.  They just need to stop spending their benefits on Class B drugs and Sky TV, don’t you think, Dave?

Also, Dave, I’m so sorry that the welfare-to-work programme isn’t working out as well as expected.  I am confident that it just needs a little more time to take off.  Perhaps if the companies concerned were given a greater financial incentive they would try that little bit harder to keep people in their employ.  I would love to help out with the programme in my own little way.  As you know, my poor health means I struggle a great deal with day-to-day activities including housework and cooking.  If you could please pay me an initial fee of £600 with a further payment of £13,700 I will be more than happy to hire a hapless scrounger to do my cooking and cleaning for me.  I pay £6.19 per hour and require help for 21 hours per week.

Thanks, Dave!

Katy Anchant


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