21st November 2012

21st November 2012

Good morning Sunshine,

I do hope those pesky students aren’t making too much noise on their silly march past your offices.  I honestly have no idea what they expect to change by doing so.  Everybody knows that education should be inaccessible to the poor, or who would work in McDonalds?  If education were available to all the economy would be completely unsustainable.  There would be no care workers (thank goodness those layabouts only earn about £11,000 a year), no street cleaners, no people stacking shelves in Poundland.  It would quite simply be a nightmare. 

I do wish that these working class scum would realise once and for all that we are all in this together, whether that means working for £6 an hour or £260,000 a year.  If they only knew the pain that you go through personally, Dave, the awful working conditions and the lack of perks in your job, perhaps they would stop making such a bloody fuss.  If only they could all be marched directly to the Job Centre for workfare placements.  They would quickly realise the value of experience over education.

With any luck there will be a show of aggression on this march.  That way they can, without question, be trampled to death.  Let the riots begin.

With concern,

Katy Anchant


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