19th November 2012

Good morning, Dave,

I’m very concerned.  Is there no way that you can block access to information regarding MP expenses?  As stated on the BBC news site today, poor Helen is being scrutinised for claiming over £1,000 a month for a second home, despite living in a £1.8m home in Maidstone.  I can’t understand why anyone would question this, as she couldn’t possibly be expected to get the train home, and £20,000 a year in expenses is small change in comparison to the £75m spent on the recent PCC elections.  There is nothing that Helen Grant or indeed any other MP should be expected to do to help decrease the “deficit”.  They are the people who know best, after all, and we wouldn’t want tired MPs looking after our best interests after being forced to commute.

Speaking of the “deficit”, though, I’m so happy to hear, again, of the huge amount of Incapacity Benefit claimants who are “fit for work”.  I do know, Dave, that around 73 people die per week after an unsuccessful Atos assessment (an added bonus), but what people fail to realise is that hundreds of others, freed from the blight of incapacity, are skipping (or limping) their way to the Job Centre to the hundreds of vacancies that desperately need filling, delighted to finally be found capable of work.  The money saved in benefit payments and accrued via tax will more than cover any future expenses claims and hopefully stop people harping on about it once and for all.  Hear hear, Dave.


Katy Anchant


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